Michael B. Lehner, CPA/ABV, CFE, ASA
January 13, 2021
business valuation Achieving a fair settlement in divorce

Achieving a fair settlement in divorce

In divorce situations, an experienced financial expert can help ensure assets are fairly appraised and a split is equitable. This article discusses several ways experts can increase the odds of achieving a fair outcome when determining asset value, including improving information access to increase the scope of discovery, uncovering hidden assets, and clarifying tax and case law. The article stresses the importance of obtaining a business valuation from an experienced expert rather than depending on rules of thumb.
January 5, 2021

Know the differences between fair market value and fair value

The terms “fair value” and “fair market value” are sometimes used interchangeably. To a business valuation professional, however, they have very different meanings. This article explains the IRS definition of fair market value and how it’s used as a starting point for determining fair value in shareholder disputes and divorce cases. A sidebar shows how the meaning of fair value differs in a financial reporting context.