Michael B. Lehner, CPA/ABV, CFE, ASA
October 23, 2014
business valuation reports

Recycle paper and plastic, not business valuation reports

It may seem economical and time-effective to reuse an old business appraisal for a new purpose. But recycling an appraisal without a valuator’s approval could prove costly over the long run. This article points out that there can be several definitions of value; a company’s value can change over time; and valuators face different considerations depending on why a business is being appraised.
October 15, 2014
How do private and public companies differ

How do private and public companies differ

Private company appraisals are often derived from public stock data, because it’s more relevant and plentiful. But private and public companies can markedly differ in terms of risk, expected return and liquidity. Appraisals that fail to account for these differences could be making “apples-to-oranges” comparisons. This article lists some of these key differences between private and public companies.